Do you see the benefits of only needing one contact for the construction of your entertainment facility? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Nordic Amusement Group offers you support throughout your entire process. We provide planning as well as all the equipment you need for your entertainment facility, such as kitchen equipment, furniture, interior, and entertainment equipment.

Having only one point of contact throughout your establishment process allows you to focus on other things instead of managing a large group of different companies, each delivering one thing.

Take our extended hand, and we’ll walk side by side from start to finish.

We assist you in every part of the process.


Imagine only needing one company to deliver everything in your effort to build an entertainment facility.


Nordic Amusement Group assists you from start to finish in your planning, or we can deliver only the specific equipment you want. We tailor our services based on your needs.


But one thing is certain. Minimizing the number of contacts in a project is profitable in every way.


We deliver everything you need for your restaurant kitchen.

Furniture and Interior

If you need to develop a new interior and furniture concept, we can assist you with that. We also deliver all the interior and furniture you need.


Vi vet vilka produkter och aktivitetskoncept som är mest lönsamt. Tveka inte att ta hjälp av oss när ni beslutar er för vilka aktiviteter ni vill installera i er nya nöjesanläggning. Nordic Amusement Group är ett av världens mest heltäckande leverantör av nöjesutrustning. Vi levererar allt ifrån bowlingutrustning och trampolinparksutrusning till simulatorer och bordsspel.

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