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For decades, TruGolf has been a market leader in software through E6 Golf.

E6 Connect, together with TruGolf’s proprietary tracking system Tru Flight, creates a golf experience that is unique in terms of both experience and price.

Through Nordic Amusement Group’s unique packaging, you as a customer get the chance to install one of the world’s top brands at almost half the price compared to competitors.”

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Tru Flight Tracking

Tripple camera tracking

Three separate high-speed cameras, working together, provide reliable top-tier tracking.


One high-speed camera gathers information from the club and ball impact, while two cameras gather information from the ball as it travels from the tee to the screen.


All technology is naturally ceiling-mounted for a professional golf simulator optimized for commercial use.

All the Information You Need

Tru Flight 2 provides all the information you need to improve your game, whether you're a recreational golfer or a professional.


We provide reliable data for:



Launch Angle

Club Speed

Ball Speed


Back Spin

Smash Factor

Club Face

Side Spin

Club Path

The World's Best Software by Far

E6 Connect is unquestionably the best golf simulator software on the market.


The simulated golf experience has never been more lifelike than with E6 Connect.


Play courses, practice on the range, challenge a friend to action games, or why not try them all. All with an image quality and response time you didn't think was possible.

Enhance with Multisport

TruGolf's golf simulators also offer the option to enhance the simulator with multisport capabilities.


Enhancing the simulator with multisport allows you to increase simulator revenues by offering a broader range of options such as children's parties, triathlons, and other events.

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