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TruGolf has been a world leader in the manufacturing of golf simulators and software for two decades. The world’s best simulator software, E6 Golf, is now complemented with tracking through the all-new and revolutionary launch monitor, Apogee.

The market’s best voice-controlled launch monitor, measuring both ball and club data with unparalleled reliability.

Never before has a professional golf simulator offered so much at such a great price.

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Tracking and Software

Instant Impact

TruGolf, through its in-house manufacturing of both hardware and software, has achieved the absolute shortest time from ball impact to the ball being visually displayed on the screen.


With Apogee's Instant Impact, this is further enhanced.


When it comes to creating a lifelike experience, accurate tracking is key, as well as the time it takes for the ball to be visualized after impact. No one does it better than TruGolf.

Voice Control

With its patented voice control solution, you can navigate through the simulator's functions quickly and easily.


Less time at the touchscreen means more playing, practicing, and enjoyment.


Ask Apogee to change the view, perform a flyby, show the analysis tool, or switch courses. All through simple commands.

Laser Indicator

TruGolf's Apogee is packed with new unique features that create a wow factor in a product.


With Apogee's unique laser indicator, you know exactly where to place the ball every time you're about to play.


The indicator adds a cool and modern touch and is, of course, a simplifying factor during gameplay.

Point of Impact

Analyzing your shots has never been easier.


With Apogee's Point of Impact, you can easily watch, analyze, pause, replay video and data of your shots. Over and over again


APEX, the worlds best golf simulator software.


APEX is really something unique. Never has a software manufacturer left competition behind like Tru Golf with APEX


APEX is not golf simulation, IT IS GOLF!

Enhance with Multisport

TruGolf's golf simulators also offer the option to enhance the simulator with multisport capabilities.


Enhancing the simulator with multisport allows you to increase simulator revenues by offering a broader range of options such as children's parties, triathlons, and other events.

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